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Chapter – 2 (Manual –1)  
                                      Particulars of Organization, Functions and Duties
                                      2.1 Objective/ purpose of the public authority:
                                           The objective of the public authority is to see that:
                                    • Applicants are submitted as per seniority of registration to public sector employers.
                                    • Maximum Vocational Guidance services are provided to the students, parents and masses.
                                    • Information of world of work and training and educational facilities reach the remotest ends of the state.
                                    • EE (CNV) Act-1959 is followed by the employers in true spirit.
                                    • Unemployment allowance is disbursed judiciously and honestly
                                    • Private employers are served in the best possible way.
                                      2.2 Mission/vision statement of the public authority:
                                           To give free, fair and transparent service to the unemployed persons and the employers.
                                      2.3 Brief history of the public authority and context of its formation:
                                           In 1945, after 2nd world war, the Government of India started resettlement cell for the displaced ex-service    personnel. Then these services were used in 1947 for the resettlement of the refugees of the partition. On 1st    Nov 1956 the working of the Employment Department was handed over to the State Governments. Now the main    policies and procedure is framed by DGE&T, Govt. of India and implementation part is handled by the State    Governments.
                                      2.4 Duties of the Public Authority:
                                        The primary duties are
                                    • Ensuring implementation of Employment Exchanges (Compulsory Notification of Vacancies) Act, 1959.
                                    • Ensuring fair and quick service to employers as well as to job seekers.
                                    • Ensuring fair implementation of The Punjab Payment of Unemployment allowance to Educated Unemployed Youth Rules, 1978.
                                    • Ensuring maximum, accurate and updated dissemination of educational and vocational information till the remotest ends of the state.
                                    • Ensuring implementation of specific sections of the PWD Act 1995
                                      2.5 Main activities/functions of the Public Authority:
                                    • To get defaulting employers prosecuted under the EE (CNV) Act, 1959.
                                    • To ensure that principle of first come first serve is followed in spirit.
                                    • To see that field offices provide, sufficient and effective service to the public.
                                    • Ensure implementation of specific sections of PWD Act, 1995, entrusted to this department.
                                    • To ensure proper implementation of The Punjab Payment of Unemployment Allowance, to educated
                                        Unemployed Youth Rule, 1978.
                                      2.6 List of services being provided by the public authority with a brief write-up on them:
                                    • Implementation of EE (CNV) Act, 1959
                                           As per section 4 of the Act every establishment in public and private sector shall before filling up any    vacancy in any employment in that establishment, notify that vacancy to the prescribed Employment    Exchanges. Further, as per section 5 of the Act, it is mandatory for every establishment in public or private    sector to render prescribed returns to the Employment Exchanges.

                                         The public authority has to ensure implementation of both of these sections.

                                    • Efficient and effective service to the employers as well as to the job seekers
                                           The Employment Exchanges submit candidates to the employers on the basis of seniority of registration    and other requisites etc. The public authority has to ensure that the employment exchanges carry out this    task as per the guidelines provided by the DGE&T or the State Directorate.
                                    • Implementation of The Punjab Payment of Unemployment allowance to Educated Unemployed Youth Rules, 1978
                                           The State Govt. has made provision for disbursement of unemployment allowance to the candidates    satisfying prescribed conditions. The public authority has to ensure that the Employment Exchanges    carryout this task in a fair manner.
                                    • Ensuring maximum, accurate and updated dissemination of educational and vocational information till the remotest ends of the state
                                           The Employment Exchanges impart educational and career counselling to the applicants visiting the    Employment Exchanges and to the students through group talks, schools talks, exhibitions, career    conferences, self-employment camps etc. The public authority ensures that all the vocational guidance    activities remain a continuous process.
                                    • Implementation of specific sections of the PWD Act 1995.
                                           Chapter VI and section 68 of chapter XIII of the Act which relate to the identification and reservation of    vacancies for physically handicapped, setting up of a special Employment Exchange for physically    handicapped, disbursement of unemployment allowance to the physically handicapped etc. have been    entrusted to the Department of Employment.
                                      2.7 Organisational Structure Diagram at various levels namely State, directorate, region, district,
                                        block etc (which ever is applicable):
                                      2.8 Expectation of the Public Authority from the public for enhancing its effectiveness and
                                           People should come forward with their problems and suggestions/ solutions so that they may be served in the    best possible way.
                                      2.9 Arrangements and methods made for seeking public participation/ contribution :
                                           Seminars, conferences, exhibitions and rozgar melas or placement camps are organised for students, teachers,    parents and public in general. Industrial visits for students are arranged to provide them with an opportunity of    on the spot study of the working conditions. Self employment camps are organised in close co-ordination with    the other agencies to provide latest information with the purpose of motivating applicants. Unemployed educated    applicants are informed about competitive examinations and advertised vacancies. Coaching camps are    organised for public to prepare them for competitive examinations.
                                      2.10 Mechanism available for monitoring the service delivery and public grievance resolution:
                                    • Regular review of working of the field offices and officers by the Director of Employment, Punjab.
                                    • Surprise visits and regular inspections by senior officers of the subordinate offices.
                                    • Regular internal inspections of the branches in each office by the head of office.
                                    • The Annual confidential reports of the officers and the ministerial staff are written by the concerned incharge and accepted by the Director of Employment or Secretary Labour and Employment as per set norms, so as to review the work of each officer as well as official.
                                      2.11 Address of the main office and other offices at different levels (please categorise the
                                        addresses district wise for facilitating the understanding by the user):
                                        1 Directorate of Employment, Punjab,
                                      SCO No. 47/2, Sector 17-E, Chandigarh.
                                        2 State Employment Exchange, Mohali at, Chandigarh
                                      SCO No. 1118-19, Sector 22-B
                                        3 Office of the Deputy Director Employment,
                                      Special Employment Exchange for Physically Handicapped,
                                      4-C, Green field, South Model Gram, Ludhiana.
                                          District-wise Employment Exchanges.
                                      2.12 Morning/Opening Hours of the Office 9 A.M.
                                        Closing Hours of the Office 5 P.M.