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Chapter-7 (Manual-6)  
              A statement of Boards, Councils, Committees and other bodies registered as its part.
                (i) Name and address of the Affiliated Body
                Punjab State Council for Employment & Training
              SCO No.47/2, Sector-17E, Chandigarh
                (ii) Type of Affiliated Body (Board, Council, Committees, other Bodies)
                (iii) Brief Introduction of the Affiliated Body (Establishment Year, Objective/ Main
                Establishment Year : 1998
                Objective : To promote youth welfare activities.
                Major Activities : a) To assist youth desirous of going abroad for employment & higher studies     through Overseas Employment Cell
                b) Promotion of self-employment
                c) Sponsoring coaching camps for competitive admission/ recruitment     examinations.
                (iv) Role of the Affiliated Body (Advisory, Managing, Executive/ Others)
                (v) Structure and Member Composition
            • Governing Body is the supreme decision making forum of the society. Its members are     nominated by the Chairman and at least two members are from outside the Department.
            • Principal Secretary/ Secretary Employment, Govt. of Punjab, is the ex-officio patron of the     society.
            • Director Employment Punjab is the ex-officio Chairman of the Society.
            • Secretary is an officer of the Department of Employment, Punjab not below the rank of     Deputy Director.
            • The Employment Officer of the Overseas Cell is the ex-officio Joint Secretary of the society.
            • All the members of the society are appointed by the Governing Body. At present the Council     has 16 members including 7 non-official members.
            •   (vi) Head of the Body
                Director of Employment is the Ex-officio Chairperson.
                (vii) Address of main office and its Branches
              Main Office:
              SCO No.47/2, Sector-17E, Chandigarh
              District Chapters:
              All the District Employment Exchanges
                (viii) Frequency of Meetings
                Once a year
                (ix) Can public participate in the meetings?
                Only members can participate
                (x) Are minutes of the meeting prepared ?