Employment 2
Employment 2


History of Department

A new Department of Employment Generation and Training has been carved out of the Department of Labour and Employment vide Govt Notification No. 18/16/2007-GC(2)/7219 Dated 11-04-2007 and 31-07-2007 with the following main objectives:

  1. To develop a vision, strategy & policy framework for employment generation & training
    To suggest measures to derive synergy of the plans and programmes of various departments working directly or indirectly for employment generation and vocational training.

  2. To advise on institutional and organizational mechanism for effective implementation of the action plan for employment generation and the vocational training to make the youth really employable by enhancing their skills and competencies.

About History

Overview :- Employability of Punjab youth and skill development on sustainable basis.

Vision :-

To provide counselling to each and every student/candidate and employment assistance. To enhance the employability of unskilled, semi-skilled youth through various Skill Development Schemes. To create data bank of Skilled Punjab youth so that various employers can use it.

Mission :-
  • Registration of job-seekers for employment assistance.
  • Placement of registered candidates.
  • Vocational Guidance Programme.

About Mission           

Foreign Emp. Trg. Bureau


Foreign Employment & Training Bureau has been set up by the Department of Employment Generation and Training, Punjab now renamed as Department of Employment Generation & Training but working under the aegis of a registered society named ‘Punjab State Council for Employment Generation & Training’, registered in JANUARY, 2008.

Employers from all over the world hit the website and select candidates as per their requirements and candidate’s qualifications and experience.

Aims & Objectives:

(i)To eliminate unscrupulous agents from the scene.

(ii)To streamline recruitment of Indians in foreign countries through an authorized agency.

(iii)To apprise people of the legal ways and the rules and regulations of immigration.

The main aim and objective of this Bureau is the placement of candidates abroad. All out efforts are being made for the success of this Bureau.

For more information regarding Foreign Employment & Training Bureau  Click here :- http://www.ghargharrozgar.punjab.gov.in/

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