Use the format given below to give the information about the official documents. Also mention the place where the documents are available e.g. at secretariat level, directorate level, others (Please mention the level in place of writing “Others”). Category of the document Name of the document & its introduction in one line Procedure to obtain the document Held by/under control of
1. Employment Service Manual National Employment Service Manual Vol-I.

Pertains to rules regulations Policy & Procedure of the department

Can be obtained for reading during office hours through written request to the Head of the office Superintendent establishment at Secretariat/ Directorate, General Section in the field offices.
2. -do- National Employment Service Manual Vol .II

This manual consists of Standard Employment Exchanges Forms

-do- -do-
3. Service Rules Departmental Service Rules of different Cadres

Consists of service rules related to Class-I, II & III

-do- -do-
4. -do- The Punjab Civil Services, Rules Vol-I

Rules relating to Pay & Allowances, leave, Passage and other General Conditions of Services.

-do- -do-
5. -do- The Punjab Civil Services, Rules Vol-II

Rules relating to Pension & Provident Funds.

-do- -do-
6. Instructions from Director General of Employment & Training Employment Exchange Minutes

Instructions issued by the DGE&T regarding policy & procedure.

-do- -do-
7. Occupational Dictionary National Classification of Occupations

Systematic classification of occupations field wise and trade wise

-do- -do-
8. Codification of economic activities National Industrial Classification of Occupations

Classification of all economic activities prepared by the Govt. of India.

-do- Superintendent at Secretariat EMI Section in the Directorate/ field offices.
9. Master Register X-63

A book register containing a running record of registration.

-do- Registration Section in the field offices.
10. Instructions from Director General of Employment & Training X-64

A book register containing a running record of orders placed by the employers with the Exchange.

-do- Vacancy Section in the fieldoffices.
11. -do- Employers Register

A comprehensive register of employers both in the public and private sectors in the Exchange area from whom information is collected regarding Employment Market.

-do- EMI Section in the Distt. Employment Exchanges.
12. Act Compulsory Notification of Vacancies Act, 1959

Regarding notification of vacancies & rendering of Returns by the employers to the Employment Exchanges.

-do- Superintendent establishment at Secretariat/Directorate, General Section in the field offices.
13. Act The Persons with Disabilities
(Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995

Regarding reservation & identification of vacancies and disbursement of unemployment allowance etc. related to the disabled persons (Chapter VI and Section 68 of Chapter XIII)

-do- General Section in the field offices
14. Procedure Departmental procedural set (Vibhagi Karj Vidhi Set)

Compilation of instructions issued by the State Govt. or the Department of Employment Punjab)

-do- -do-
15. Procedure The Punjab Payment of unemployment allowance to educated unemployed Persons Rules, 1978

Contains copies of notification, rules & regulations regarding disbursement of unemployment allowance.

-do- -do-
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