Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers by Public

Implementation of Policy

Whether there is any provision to seek consultation/ participation of public or its representatives for implementation of policies? If there is, please provide details of provision in following format:

  • Candidate

Question :- When will I get a call letter for a job ?

Answer :- Whenever your turn comes on the basis of your seniority became are give free and fair service on first-come first serve nation.

  • Employers

Question :- How to get a list of candidates from you for the vacant position we have in our organization ?

Answer :- By sending us full particulars and registrations.

Related to seeking Information.

  • Can write an application on a simple paper, no specified format.
  • No fee for anything
  • Can ask for any statistics/information relation to the functions of the Department.
  • Can appeal to the Director of Employment.
  • With relation to training imported to public by public Authority : -NA-
  • With relation to Certificate No. objection certificate etc issued by the Public Authority not included in Manual-13 : -NA-
  • With relation to registration process : -NA-
  • With relation to collection of tax by Public Authority (Municipal corporation, Trade, Tax, Entertainment Tax etc.) : -NA-
  • With relation to issuing new connection electricity / water supply, temporary and permanent disconnection etc. (This will be applicable to local bodies like Municipal Corporation /Municipalities /UPCL) : -NA-
  • Details of any other public services provided by the Public Authority : -NA-
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