Chapter 17(Manual 16)

Particulars of the facilities available to citizens for obtaining information.

Office Library

Such libraries are functional in the employment exchanges of district headquarters where a large number of books, pamphlets are available on various subjects of vocational guidance, competitive examinations, advertised vacancies etc.

Drama and shows.

Audio-visual aids are used by the vocational guidance officers to provide information and guidance on availability of courses and job avenues..

Through Newspaper :

Print media is utilised wherever wide publicity is required to be given to the persons of public in their interest.


Exhibitions along with career conferences are held by vocational guidance officers in their area atleast once in a year . Participation of schools, colleges and officer Nongovernmental agencies is also called for.


Every employment exchange even at the tehsil level has a notice board in their premises where notices of public interest along with vacancies at hand and advertised vacancies along with admission notices are put up. Atleast two villages are being covered by every employment exchange where such notices are put up at a prominent public place.

Inspection of Records in the Offices.

Inspection of records is being done by the authorized agencies like serial welfare department, ex-serviceman corp, personnel deptt and finance etc for various respective reasons. Data on employment figures is also made available if request is received.

System of issuing of copies of documents  

Copies of non-confidential and public documents are provided on request.

Printed manual available

(i) Facilities provided by employment exchanges to the common man are consolidated in a handbook from which is available to candidates and others.

(ii) A booklet on emigration has been translated into Punjabi from a Govt.of India publication.It has been distributed to deputy commissioners for further distribution in their respective districts.

Website of the public authority:

employmentpunjab.Com : On the website citizen charter is also displayed in which many useful details of the department are included.

Other means of advertising.

  • Career talks are delivered.
  • Career guidance weeks are celebrated.
  • Placement Camps are arranged.
  • Coaching-cum-guidance camps are held
  • Interviews on T.V and radio are given .
  • Charts and posters are prepared & displayed.
  • Guidance & information is given to individuals and groups who visit employment exchanges.
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