Chapter 15(Mannual 14)


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Norms for various activities relating to functions of Department of Employment, Punjab are given below :-

S.NO. Activity & Function Time to be taken/norms
1. Registration of Name On the spot
2. Renewal of Registration Card On the spot
3. Addition/Alteration Immediately
4. Transfer of the X-1 Card Immediately
5. Booking of Vacancies Immediately
6. Display of Vacancies Immediately
7. Taking action on vacancies With in 24 Hours
8. Providing Guidance Immediately
9. Celebrating Guidance week by all the District Head Quarters Every Year
10. Arranging Career Conference/Exhibition Once a Year.
11. Holding Placement Camps As many as possible
12. Arranging Coaching Camps As many as possible
13. Delivery of Career Talks by the Employment Officers Minimum 4 in a week.
14 Disbursing unemployment allowance As soon possible.
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