History of Department

After the 2nd world war in 1945, for orderly absorption of the released service personnel and other war workers; the need for an organisation to handle this complex problem in a uniform manner was felt and in July, 1945 “Directorate General of Resettlement and Employment " was set up

In 1947, after partition of the Country this Directorate was entrusted the job of resettlement of a large number of displaced persons (refugees).

In early 1948, the Employment Exchanges were thrown open to all categories of applicants which required transition of Employment Service from a resettlement agency to an all India placement organisation.

On 1-11-1956 the day to day administration of the Employment services was handed over to the state governments. So now the Employment service is the joint concern of the Central and State Governments where the Central Government formulates national policies, standards and procedure to be followed by the Employment Exchanges in the states; coordinates the work of the Employment Exchanges in the states; plans and formulates programmes for expansion and development of the services; conducts training programmes for employment officers and other such works which are required for the betterment of these services whereas State Governments fully control the Employment Exchanges in their respective states.

In 1959 The Employment Exchanges Compulsory Notification of vacancies Act was enacted by the Parliament and after notification of its rules, it came into force from 1-5-1960. Under the provisions of the Act all the establishments in the public sector and all the establishments in the private sector normally employing 25 or more workers are required to notify their vacancies and also render quarterly and biennial returns to the Employment Exchange of their area.

Creation of new Department of Employment Generation

A new Department of Employment Generation and Training has been carved out of the Department of Labour and Employment vide Govt Notification No. 18/16/2007-GC(2)/7219 Dated 11-04-2007 and 31-07-2007 with the following main objectives:

  1. To develop a vision, strategy & policy framework for employment generation & training
    To suggest measures to derive synergy of the plans and programmes of various departments working directly or indirectly for employment generation and vocational training.
  2. To advise on institutional and organizational mechanism for effective implementation of the action plan for employment generation and the vocational training to make the youth really employable by enhancing their skills and competencies.
  3. To regularly plan, implement, monitor and oversee employment generation action plans in the State and advise on the future steps to be taken.
  4. To facilitate manpower planning and vocational training in all the key sectors of the economy.
  5. Bringing out critical gaps in various services sectors and facilitates addressing these gaps as per the requirement of the national and international market.
    To identify and advise on the regulatory aspects of job oriented training policies.
  6. Facilitate establishing more job oriented vocational institutions in the Public Private Partnership Mode in line with the requirement of skilled manpower and enhancing the capacity of the existing institutions.
  7. Harnessing the potential of various self help youth groups and educational organisations of repute.

In order to make the functioning of the Department more effective, District Bureau of Employment & Enterprises were set up in all the districts vide notification on 04-09-17.

                        The Bureaus will bring necessary synergy, oversight and effective coordination in the implementation of various schemes for employment generation, skill training, self-employment and entrepreneurship development across the departments at the district level and facilitate overseas employment to achieve the objectives of ‘GharGharRozgar’ Mission.

Functions of the Bureau

  1. The Bureau will have the following functions:
    1. One Stop Platform

To provide one stop platform for facilitating employment including overseas employment, skill training, self-employment, enterprise and entrepreneurship development at the district level

  1. Coordinate and Monitor Implementation of Schemes

To coordinate with all the departments for successful implementation of relevant Central and State Government schemes and regularly monitor the same

  1. Interface between the Job Seekers and Employers

To provide regular interface between the Job seekers and Employers through Digital Platform as well as conventional channels

  1. Services to the Employers

To provide a variety of services to the Employers through digital platform as well as in person. It will include understanding the requirements, registering the same, arranging placement drive, and arranging skill training as per the requirement of the Employers. To ensure compliance of requirements of Persons with Disabilities Act and the Employment Exchanges (Compulsory Notification of Vacancies) Act in the district

  1. Services to the Job Seekers

To provide a variety of services to the Job Seekers through digital platform as well as in person. It will include understanding the aspiration of the Job Seeker, registering his or her name, provide counselling, provide finishing skills, provide domain skills and assist in the placement of the Job Seeker and provide post placement support


  1. Services for Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship

To support youth in seeking Self-Employment and other entrepreneurial ventures by providing assistance under various Central and State schemes, providing professional guidance and mentoring, linkages with Banks and other necessary support

  1. Services for Oversees Placement

To provide necessary support to youth desiring oversees placement such as information about oversees opportunities, clearances required, skills required, counselling and other support

  1. Coordinate with Educational Institutions

To coordinate and partner with various Educational Institutions in the district to provide necessary support to Youth for skills, employment and entrepreneurship.

  1. Coordinate with Skill Training Agencies

To coordinate and partner with Skill Training Agencies in the District for providing skill training to the registered youth.

  1. Facilitate Self Help Groups

To coordinate and work with various stakeholders to facilitate Self Help Groups.

  1. Facilitate employment in Agriculture related activities

To facilitate dissemination of latest practices for Agriculture and allied activities to enable unemployed and underemployed youth interested in agriculture and allied activities find gainful employment.

  1. Effective Implementation of Public Funded Schemes such as MNREGA

To facilitate effective implementation of public funded schemes such as MNREGA

  1. Advertisement platform for jobs/ vacancies

To act as a digital platform wherein all jobs/vacancies of the Govt. Departments/ Organisations (contractual/outsourcing/regular) shall be publicised.

  1. Any other related function

To coordinate, facilitate and effectively discharge any other function, which may be entrusted to the Bureau by any department or organization of the State or Central Government.

The Bureau shall have the following functional Units:

  1. Registration
  2. Counselling
  3. Placement & Post Placement
  4. Skill Development
  5. Self-Employment and Enterprise Support
  6. Information, Education and Communication
  7. Overseas Employment and Emigration

Foreign Emp. Trg. Bureau


Foreign Employment & Training Bureau has been set up by the Department of Employment Generation and Training, Punjab now renamed as Department of Employment Generation & Training but working under the aegis of a registered society named ‘Punjab State Council for Employment Generation & Training’, registered in JANUARY, 2008.

Employers from all over the world hit the website and select candidates as per their requirements and candidate’s qualifications and experience.

Aims & Objectives:

(i)To eliminate unscrupulous agents from the scene.

(ii)To streamline recruitment of Indians in foreign countries through an authorized agency.

(iii)To apprise people of the legal ways and the rules and regulations of immigration.

The main aim and objective of this Bureau is the placement of candidates abroad. All out efforts are being made for the success of this Bureau.

For more information regarding Foreign Employment & Training Bureau  Click here :- http://www.ghargharrozgar.punjab.gov.in




1.       C-PYTE is mandated to organize and conduct of training of Punjab Youth hailing from different economic strata and educational backgrounds, with the primary aim to ensure their gainful employment. During their training with C-PYTE, the youth are provided an opportunity to improve their physical fitness standards and educational knowledge, so to enable them to achieve standards necessary for success in any recruitment process. While the primary focus of C-PYTE is to prepare students for recruitment into the Armed Forces, Central Armed Para Military Forces and the Police, efforts are also on to provide vocational and industry related training.  The focus of all actions at C-PYTE is to ensure that we remain, “the forerunner amongst organizations, which provides employment to maximum number of youth in the State”.


2.       C-PYTE was established with the following aims & objectives:-      

(a)      To wean away the youth from illegal and illicit activities & bring them into the national mainstream.

(b)      To impart pre-selection training to the youth of Punjab for joining the Defense Forces, Central Armed Para Military Forces and Police.

(c)      To provide employment oriented training and skill creation for facilitating employment into economically gainful and legal occupations.

(d)      To provide an environment which inculcates the values of national    integration, discipline, dignity of labour, work culture & social concern among the youth and   thus make them better                     citizens.

 (e)     To involve the youth in constructive nation building activities and civic actions.              



  1. Mai Bhago Armed Forces Preparatory Institute for Girls named after the famous Sikh Saint Warrior, has been set up by Punjab government as an exclusive all girls training Institute. It is a unique, first of its kind initiative in the country for the girl child. The Institute provides a lifetime golden opportunity to 10 plus 2 level girls from Punjab to choose an elite career as a Commissioned Officer in the Defence Services.
  2. The then Hon’ble Raksha Mantri, Sh Manohar Parrikar, inaugurated the Institute with its first batch of 25 Lady Cadets on 25 Jul 2015.

 Aims & Objectives

3.   (a)        To motivate young girls from Punjab at the 10 plus 2 level for a career in the Defence Services.

​4.         The charter of the Institute specifies selection of girls after 10+2 and preparing them for commission into the Defence Forces through various Women Officer Entry Schemes. During the three years training period, the Lady Cadets graduate with BA/ BSc (Non Med)/ BCom from MCM DAV College, Chandigarh, as also imbibe different aspects of training essential for preparation for commission into the Defence Forces. As of now the Lady Cadets are being prepared only for commission through non-technical entries for Army and Airforce  technical entries require BE / BTech as minimum qualification.Consequently, Lady Cadets do not appear for the Navy as minimum qualification for the Navy (all entries) is BE/ BTech.

Enrolment Details

5.         Regular Courses


Training Period

No. of Lady Cadets Enrolled

No. of Lady Cadets Dropped Out on Medical Grounds

No of Lady Cadets Passed Out/Undergoing Training


Jul 2015- May 18



23 (Passed Out)


Jul 2016- May 19



23(Passed Out)


Jul 2017- May 20



25 (Undergoing Training)


Jul 2018- May 21



21(Undergoing Training)


Jul 2019- May 22



25(Undergoing Training)


Special SSB Training Capsule

6.         Considering the number of vacancies available  in the Technical Entry Schemes & other Special Entry Schemes of the Armed Forces, the Institute has embarked upon SSB Training for all forms of graduates including technical graduates who have applied for and shortlisted for SSB interview. Two Special SSB Training Capsules are run every year in April - May and August-September. Fourth such training capsule is currently under progress (21 Aug to 21 Sep 2019).

Course Ser.

Training Period

Nos Trained

I     Special SSB Training Capsule

09 April 2018 to 12 May 2018


II    Special SSB Training Capsule

20 Aug 2018 to 3 Oct  2018


III   Special SSB Training Capsule

04 April 2019 to May 2019


IV   Special SSB Training Capsule

21 Aug 2019 to Sep 2019

4 ( under training)


7.         Currently, the Institute has an annual intake of 25 girls. Each Lady Cadet goes through a Training Cycle of three years corresponding to the Graduation Degree. Accordingly, the Institute is              designed to train upto 75 girls at any one time. 

8.         The ‘Training Mission’ includes building up physical and mental abilities and developing Officer Like Qualities in the Lady Cadets alongside preparing them to appear in competitive                           examinations for selection through Women Entry Schemes for a career as commissioned officers in the Defence Services.

9.         Apart from academics a lot of emphasis is laid on Personality Development. To this end a series of Lectures, Group Discussions, Seminars, Presentations and motivational visits to various               Military Institutions are undertaken. Basic Military Training to include Physical Training, Drill, Swimming, Sports & Games, Adventure Training, NCC and Martial Arts Training are also                        imparted.

Eligibility Criteria

10.       Eligibility criteria for the girl candidates seeking admission into Mai BhagoAFPI is as under:-

  • Domicile of Punjab.
  • Medically fit as per CDS requirements.
  • Having completed 10+2 in the same year as the year of joining MBAFPI.
  • Should be desirous of joining the Armed Forces.
  • 16 years or more on 1st Jul of the year of joining MBAFPI.

Admission Procedure

11.       Procedure for candidates aspiring to join the AFPI comprises the following steps:-

  1. Based on advertisements published in the daily newspapers usually in March end, the desirous girls from Punjab studying in class 12 can apply online for the Entrance Test. The Schooling of the girl can be from any Board (ICSE/CBSE/PSEB/IB).
  2. In Phase I of the Entrance Test a written exam in General English and General Awareness (10+2 level) is conducted in the month of May/Jun every year in various centres in Punjab.
  3. Based on the performance in the Entrance Test the first 100 candidates are shortlisted. 
  4. The shortlisted candidates are called for Psychometric Test and Interview conducted as part of Phase II of the Entrance Test.
  5. Selected candidates who clear Phase II test are then put through a Medical Examination.
  6. Final merit list of 35 candidates is prepared. From this list the top 25 candidates are invited to join the Institute. The 10 candidates are in reserve and could be invited to join in case any one out of selected 25 drops out.
  7.  The training session starts in first week of Jul.


12.       Mai Bhago AFPI is a fully residential Institute laid out on a sprawling 9-acre expanse with state of the art infrastructure and facilities. The infrastructure includes top quality residential facilities to include hostel rooms with attached toilets, Anteroom, Gymnasium, Smart Class Rooms, Library, Cyber Station, Auditorium and a well laid out Office cum Administrative complex. A modern Kitchen and Dining Hall also form part of the Hostel complex. The Institute has well laid out sports fields/ courts for Hockey, Basket Ball, Volley Ball and Badminton.  A jogging track has also been developed.


13.       I Course

            (a)        Written

                        (i)         AFCAT II & I Qualified            15

                        (ii)        CDSE II & I Qualified              17

            (b)        SSB    

                        (i)         SSB for all above- Conference out     09

                                                              Recommended     02            (Merit out)

(c)        Passed out Lady cadets continue to prepare for SSB. 6 Lady Cadets will face SSB in Sep – Nov 2019. Necessary training/ guidance will be provided.

14.       II Course

            (a)        Written

                        (i)         AFCAT II Qualified      17

                        (ii)        AFCAT I Qualified       17

                        (iii)       CDSE II Qualified       09

                        (iv)       CDSE I Qualified         10

            (b)        SSB    

                        (i)         SSB for AFCAT II-      Conference out           06

                                                                        Merit out                      05

                                                                        Merit in                        01(Joined Air Force academy)

                        (ii)        SSB for CDSE II-        Conference out           04

                                                                        Recommended            03 (Merit awaited)

                        (iii)       SSB for AFCAT I-       Conference out           04

                                                                        Recommended            02 (Merit awaited)

                                                                        Yet to go for SSB            08(Sep-2019)

                        (iv)       SSB for CDSE I-         SSB dates awaited for 10 Lady Cadets

15.       Special SSB Training Capsules

            (a)        I Capsule         Trained                                                07

                                                Joined Air Force Training Academy   01

                                                Joined Officers Training Academy     01 *

            * Lt Jyoti  Rana commissioned on 07 Sep 2019

           (b)        II Capsule        Trained                                                05

                                                Joined Officers Training Academy     01

            (c)        III Capsule       Trained                                                05                                               

            (a)        IV Capsule      Under Training                                    04

16        So far enrolment of 125 Lady Cadets in NCC training who have/are appearing for Certificate B and C examination.

17.       Excellence in sports, extracurricular activities and academics making them a distinct entity at MCM DAV College, Chandigarh

18.       Given back to society 46 highly confident, motivated, polished all round enriched citizens.                             


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